Friday, 31 August 2012

New SAGE rod, NZ Fly Fishing Schools, Stu's Superior Flies, RISE film fest, Gin Clear, start of the season

Teaching pt. II
We have just been traveling through India, filming & photographing fishing as we went with the odd bit of teaching fly casting to some locals and travelers. Now in Nepal doing the same but hampered by the monsoon weather- like in India - which has made things harder to get the footage and shots. 
A good quote out of the newspaper today
I have yet again learned so much more this year and I take my hat off to all the local guides and fisherman_women who have showed me their local methods and tricks to fool fish and posed for my photos!
This will be the dinner - for the whole family!
Check out the crystal bait fish design that the predator fish (Mahseer) love!

Check out the NZ RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival Sept dates!

Check out the award winning new "Predator" fly fishing film clip from Nick - Gin Clear. 

For your plastic fishing license visit fish & game

Check out the award winning hands free rod clip available in September. 

Check out the SAGE award winning new "Circa" fly rod. 

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Inspired by a great sign - maybe found soon in Athol ;)


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