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Introducing Ela / Teaching
Normally it all seems a bit rushed in a way, due to clients, time limits when it comes to my casting tuition and fly fishing schools. Even if it's spread over 2 or 3 days. With Ela traveling over a long time and being very keen to learn about fly fishing i have been experimenting with a new approach to my teaching methods, (a new game plan!)

For the past 2 months Ela has been learning mainly about the flies, equipment and aquatic life of the food of trout. But still i have not given her a fly rod or taught her anything about casting as of yet. The foundations at the moment to me seem really solid doing it this way over time. Ela has decided to share with you on the blog some of what she's been learning along the way. I'm sure you will all enjoy her journey into the world of fishing and fly fishing!

Stu overseas testing some new equipment
It's Ela here from Stu's Fly Shop. I'm on the road with Stu & his fly rod vice (he is busy working on new fly designs) now for 3 months - it's time for the newbie's next blog!

As Stu is natural born teacher and i'm keen to learn more about the fly fishing mystery, i asked him to share his knowledge with me. We've had plenty of time - in 28 hours bus rides, at overcrowded trains (it's always nice to have more audience) or at a sun-kissed balcony with a nice chai tea. 
An Indian advert - brilliant
So i bought myself a student notebook, pens and here we go: 
As i knew nearly nothing about fishing, insects & the hardware, Stu started with the basics. I felt like I'm a student again - all new for me! I practiced my hand-writing skills and soon had to buy new pens (as the indian ones' don't last too long)
After each lesson, i was tested the day after - back in school again, dudes!
Studies, studies, studie
Watching Stu at the river showing off his casting skills helped me a lot to combine theory & practice of the whole fly fishing thing.
Soon there came the day when Stu went out to discover new waterways and improved his casting skills - it was early in the morning- i went with him and his guide to learn more by watching - i thought. 

As Stu went upstream by himself quickly, the "Ghillie" (yes, i had to call my guide Ghillie) decided to teach me! I was quite surprised but didn't had time to think about it 'cause the Ghillie handed me a fly line on a wooden stick (aka the reel)! He taught me how to use it, there was something stinky at the end of the line, they use a special formula of pattie- called "Raggie" to catch fish here! 
Yummie - Raggie
A minute later i had a first nibble, i casted the line out and within seconds it happened - i caught my first fish!!! As i was so exited about this, i nearly dropped the fish! 
My first Mahseer!!!
At the time Stu came back from his fishing, i already caught 7 fish in 3 hours - not too bad for me, who never did fishing before- both of Stu's arms are sore from casting and he had not even seen a fish! Maybe i should teach him.
Look at this big fellow :)
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That's it for today, i hope you enjoyed the story of Ela getting pimped up to answer all your questions from October, 1st @ Stu's Fly Shop

Dates are filling fast so if you want to book Stu for October, November or December, please contact him soon.
See you all soon, have a great time, enjoy the time!


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