Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sage Fly Rod Deals, $1 dollar flies, Big NZ trout story, Convert you takes, Stu's fly shop NZ rocks!


The trout are happy at the moment because the rivers are clear and every one that i have seen have been nice and fat.
Already i´m seeing plenty of fish starting to pair up and gathering in the pools as they sort out who they want to make love too and then venture to the spawning grounds of choice.
Check the lips out!?
It is from now on that quite a few of the fish caught will start to color up and have more prominent colored spots and a nice golden color.
These are always great fish to photograph if you are lucky enough to catch one.
If you find them in holding pools you will be able to generally make multi-able casts to them as they tend not to spook as easily as solitary fish.
Though eventually they will know you are there and will ignore most offerings - as always get that first presentation right, light tippet and a drag free drift.

THE FISHING, Convert Your Chances.

 This is a photo of a guru fly fishing gent from Europe - He knows what flies and hooks work and hold =NZ trout- thats why he has mainly Stu's Superior flies in his box- even though he is also a fly tier!
The fishing has been a wee bit tough this March. I was out guiding the other day and my dad was chatting in the shop to another well known pro- guide who had been with two clients for 3 x full days and the clients had not caught a fish, although the guide managed one. Which if i know him well enough it would have been on a spin rod! :) This was probably due to the unusual weather patterns we are having and the wind and freezing winds would not have helped.
I also have been out guiding/teaching and most days locally have still managed to get my clients onto fish but not easily.
For success here as you know you need to be able to convert any chance you have. So if you get one chance - convert it and you will catch fish most days even on tough days (maybe).
Yesterday we manage one nice big brown out of 4 chances- two takes were missed, one big trout was hooked but broke off and the last chance was converted and the result was a fine trout on a Stu's NZ deadly blowfly
You need this indicator - set to catch more fish, see the webshop for this new great product!


At the moment there are still some dates in April, pretty much the last month of the season here in Southland for the best rivers and brown trout fishing in clear upper reaches water.
This can be a month of great fishing and looking at the weather pattern it looks like the sun is on its way - at last.
It´s a month when the may fly hatches can fire and maybe my favorite month for fishing.
So if your interested in catching some nice big brown trout, hopefully on small dry may fly imitations send me an email and i´ll book you in before it´s too late. I have also availability for some casting lessons and some of my NZ  fly fishing schools as well.
Using the best materials and design i can get my parachute mayflies to sit perfect in the waters surface , here is a photo  of  my hi-viz  mayfly designon the surface of the water in a NZ gin clear stream. 


Check out the clearance section of my online shop for those winter bargains!

A wee FISH Story & A BIG FISH STORY - all in one!!

Mark a client, told me this wee story the other day.
He spotted a nice big brown in the Twizel area in a big pool. He cast one of my deadly cicadas over it and up it came and engulfed the fly. After a wee battle he landed the nice big brown, as he was about to remove the fly he noticed another smaller trout hanging out of its mouth.
The big trout that took his fly must have just chased down and snaffled this 8 inch trout and although he had just taken that fish he still wanted the  Stus Deadly  NZ Cicada.
Realizing that the smaller trout was alive Mark pulled it from the big trouts jaws and revived it. It looked pretty healthy but stunned.
He sat the smaller trout in front of him in the water to come to its senses.
He then removed the cicada and let the big tout go from the net back  into the clear water of the pool.
Within seconds the big trout swam straight back towards him and grabbed the small trout and took off with it. Because it was clear water, Mark could easily see it was the same big trout !!

SAGE FLY ROD DEALS- 9wgt-7wgt-6wgt Sage specials- end of season.

Check out the deal i have on the 7wgt and 9wgt rods, and if you are looking for a light Sage spey rod check out the offer on one only- Z-axis spey rod- great for the north island, salmon fishing etc.
Also i have only two left on special TCX 6 wgt Sage rods.

THE SHOP - Tourist numbers 30% down.

The shop was busy for Feb as usual but now days George is getting bored as most days he is now getting about 5 customers a day which is well down for March- seems the tourist numbers are all down about 30% - which is not good for the shop and for all other tourist reliant businesses- but that means that there is hardly anybody out there fishing, so there is no shortage of water to fish! Great as well for me guiding and my clients.

Remember the shop will be closing in 5 weeks time so best stock up before i have to close doors for the winter.
Oh! The Dream team!! Dad, Mum and Ela say hello to you all and thank you for all the comments, photos and fun emails so far this season they have all received.

See you all in the shop this April and if not --  Have fun out there!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Rise - Fly Fishing Film Festival 2012 - EUROPE , Fly fishing new dvds

On a cold wednesday evening in Hamburg on March, 7th i was on my way to the passage cinema to join the Rise - Fly Fishing Film Festival 2012. This is Gin-Clear Media's 6th annual film festival. As i reached the place there were a few people already waiting in front of the cinema.

I found myself a seat in this small independent cinema which was nearly sold out.

After a short introduction by Morten, the festival started with the first movie called "Breathe".
This is a story about giving up a secure, steady job, a life without complication, and exploring the waters of Montana. For me (who is a "newbie") it was a great start to understand what fly fishing is about. "Breathe" caught me and it´s breathtaking!

The next movie was "A Backyard In Nowhere" - an independent documentary that mixes Western and Gonzo elements with traditional fly fishing. For me, the trailer has a Quentin Tarantino vibe to it :)

Next in line was "Sipping Dry". It highlights the impressive (and difficult) dry-fly fishing on the Missouri River. After watching this trailer, i added Montana on my "travel-wish-list".  

It was time to grab a drink in the break:

Gin-Clear Media's "Hatch" was next. "Hatch" documents the world's most extraordinary insect hatches and the fantastic fly fishing that accompanies them. I learned a lot about insects and saw some beautiful shots of trout feeding it gave me a great understanding of what fish prey on and the slow motion feeding shots of fish were awesome. We all sat in total silence watching this dvd.

The last movie was "Geofish: A Mayan Prophecy" - four guys on their way from Portland Oregon to the bottom of South America, finding out if everything you read about remote areas to fish on the Internet are true. A good one, looking forward to see the whole movie!

After the show, i spoke to RC Cone, the producer of "Breathe" about a man’s fishing adventure that takes him across the state of Montana in search of the next fish, fresh perspective and a more fulfilling life - awesome!

Because i was wearing my favourite orgasmic t-shirt from Stu´s Fly Shop, i was quickly involved in a talk about where to find the best places to fish in New Zealand! I recommended to visit Stu´s homepage: and ask him :) !

Check out for all tour information, videos, photos and more and don´t miss your chance to join the festival!

Remember if you want to get hold of a selection of the best dvd,s in fly fishing visit The dvd selection .

Thank you & Cheers,

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

New Saltwater fly designs, Stu's Deadly cicada in stock again, NZ river conditions, SAGE TCX SALE, STU'S NEW DEADLY BLACK MINNOWS


February has just gone past and it was a blur for me as i was booked out everyday, which was awesome .
What was not so good was that most of my lovely repeat clients had booked me mainly for the great dry fly fishing that is associated with Feb- But the summer never came in Feb and now we are into March  and it looks like we will have to wait till next year for some good Feb heat!

But on saying that, the first light of the day is coming through the darkness and the Star's are visible in the sky this morning- looks like two days at least of hot weather! cicada time- YA Beauty!!
Mind you this is officially spring , as you can see by the photo!! This morning.

Autumn(Fall) has started- but where was summer!!


 Normally at this time of year i never have to go down to the Mataura river behind the shop to check the level and clarity of the river- At this time of year its normally low and gin clear!
Nearly everyday in Feb i had to go down to the river to check before guiding for my clients and to let  other guides coming into the area know the best spots to go with their clients which might have clear water. I lost count of emails and texts from desperate fishers, guides looking for clear water. 
 Some of the rivers have been up over 200% - that means they have mainly been high and mainly dirty due to the frequent heavy showers we have been receiving this summer.
For example the Upper mataura river  beside my shop has been fish able one day in the last two weeks, yesterday i thought it might be clear enough but no , it rained again.


The deadly blow fly does it again- this is a southland river i had never guided on before!
Finding clear water i have always managed even in these conditions all my years of local knowledge comes into play in these conditions. I have been fortunate to have had some of the most relaxed passionate clients recently ,who understood that i was scrambling a bit for water and that i would have to go further a field in the area to find it, sometimes we ended up on lake edges targeting cruising fish which is always fun.
So my advice is , never over look the awesome lake edge fishing that NZ has to offer. Its sight fishing and can be nearly as challenging as the river fishing. But most of all its FUN !!


The best Hi-Viz cicada pattern in NZ and Australia! On Tiemco hooks- great value as well!
As most of you know my new Deadly cicada pattern, sold out within a week and i could not keep up with supply which i a,m sorry about ,but hey its great to get the demand for it. Well it is now back in stock but again i have limited stock of them . They float like corks, durable and are easy to see, quite a few of my Australian clients have bought them for the big mud eye hatches going on at the moment on their lakes.
Have a close look at the design and you will see the strong quality TMC hook that has been used and chosen specially to a clear wide hook gape for solid hook Ups . Something that looks easy to do but did take a long time to figure out.
In the past few weeks my clients have been getting fish on the surface of the lakes with them and also we have been using them and deadly Hi -Viz blowflies as attractors with a nz realistic grey mayfly size 16 on a foot of fluro 5lb tippet. With great success.
I,m Pretty sure i have the size 10 left now in stock.

Anyway, back to business, happy to wait for those deadly cicadas. I'll tell
how good those cicadas are - Stu may have learnt that I caught a 3lb rainbow
in the Eglington by simply holding the fly at the top of a riffle waiting to
cast to another fish above in 20 knot winds! Arse beats class every time!
The look on the guys who hadn't caught a fish all day was precious! Those
cicadas will go good over here I reckon and not just on trout - of course on
our Aussie Bass

A customers lovely photo of a cicada eating trout form a  otago lake with the sage tcx rod that i have on special! :)


The other night i was in the office late working , and in the living room next to the office i could hear some noise it sounded like someone rummaging in my secret chocolate stash in the freezer.
After a few mins there was  a little yelp ! sound. so i stuck my head round the corner.
There was George(dad) siting there with a choc bar in one hand and his front tooth in the other!!
Boy did i laugh!
He is pretty upset ,so if you are in the shop please do not mention it to him :)- and don't make the miserable bugger laugh. One  customer reckons he looks pretty cool with it missing as it gives him more character - he is not so sure!

You may have seen in the last news letter the photo of my dads line cutters in my mug!
Here is an email from Gerry from Alberta,Canada asking the correct questions about the new product!!

Very impressed with the unusual line cutters advertised in your last news letter.
Have been having trouble with line cutters that do not keep and edge.
Some questions before i order!
Can they be sharpened?
Are they carried in the vest or mouth.
Do they come with a guarantee.
Are they Pre- Owned and if so do they have many Miles on them?

One Sexy fly design !! The deadly Minnow!!


The full range of my deadly minnows are in stock now and come in the colours Deadly Barred Black, Tan ,Smelt white and olive .
These are already proving pretty deadly stripped along lake edges , they are very durable and have been designed with quite a short over hanging tail for more solid hook ups on very wide gape strong TMC hooks.


Hi Stu, 
 I am emailing you from Melbourne in Australia. I am sick of the lack of well priced and most importantly good quality flies around here and have decided to purchase from you instead. Thanks
 Josh .

Hello Stu,

Greetings to you from Bend, Oregon – USA! Your web site, newsletter and especially your innovative and deadly looking fly designs are fantastic, good fun and an inspiration!  I am so very glad to have found your website (though I can’t recall now just how that came about). I have been fly fishing since I was a kid in Illnois (bluegill and crappie for starters, devoted now to trout/steelhead since moving to Oregon in 1972).

Your fly designs are a marvel, and I certainly respect your proprietary design rights. Obviously, a lot of hard work and deep thinking went into these “killer” designs. Still, I have to ask if you would kindly share the name of the material you use for the legs on your Pogo, King Pogo and other small mayfly patterns. I can’t figure it out!  I tie only for my own use, never commercially. If this is something you would rather not divulge, I fully understand!
Thank you

Hi Stu, 

The couple of days fishing Ted and I had with you were fantastic, many thanks for your hard work in putting us on to fish and sorry Ted let you down as often as he did. 

The day willow grubbing with you is some of the most memorable fishing we have had in NZ, and we learnt a lot from you each day. Can't wait to get back and have another crack. 

ANDY & TED (lovers)

Hi Stu - caught a Golden Mahseer off the top with one of your bionic bugs! Not had a touch since. Greetings from India. Charlie

Some say big flies big fish!! Check them out!


 You will notice on the web shop that i have had no choice but to increase the prices of the flies  . For the past 6years i managed to keep the prices very low for my work and the superior quality of my flies.

 Tiemco increased there hook prices again last year (i would never dream of using an inferior freshwater fly hook on my designs- ) and my fly tying helpers needed more wages,Customs wants more of a cut,advertising  and all my other costs have increased over the years which is the way of the world. 

You are still getting the best price for the best quality flies on the market , No one can and will be able to match my quality and designs that have taken many years to get just right.


after all the fly and the hook is more important than all the rest of the tackle that we all use, using my flies will give you the edge when you hook the big one!! why would not use the best flies in the world at these prices!


Simply big fish appeal ! Sexy saltwater flies on the best hooks!!
BIG FISH BIG AND SMALL FLIES - all tied on the best sexy wide gape  tmc 600sp black nickle hook . If you are after bigger fish in the world and need some dam sexy durable bait fish flies check out the range and drool!! 


If you are after the top of the range sage fly rod for the same price as the sage ONE fly rod look no further- ONLY  999 for a 4 pice TCX 6wgt fly rod!! LIMITED STOCK- Contact me asap to secure one of these rods at this special  price!!

March SALE!! 





SO ALL OF YOU HAVE FUN! and Shop till you drop! :)
Remember to stock up on all your gear with me ,before the shop closes for the winter. Its not far away i am afraid.

Oh here is a link to a show(non fishing! ) i,m taking my mum and dad to tonight if you get a chance go and see these guys you will have a great night out and come out smiling even if your a grumpy sort! They are on tour so check them out, and smile and love life :)