Monday, 17 October 2011

Women in waders, 20+ fish, Mayfly hatch,fishing guides,hi-viz orange flyline

 In case you are wondering what happened to all the Blogs ! Some how i have managed to lose all the past blogs and present ones- so here i am starting again! - not a happy camper it would be an understatement on how i feel at the moment! But as they say nobody died!

Just arrived!-WOMEN IN WADERS-great photos of fish!

Yes- the new Women in waders 2012 calendar has arrived, to brighten up your days a great gift  for some one and with Xmas not far away and limited stock you best order yours today! I have also some great specials on Simms waders on line, as i need to move stock- 

Local Fly fisher has to stop his arm was getting Sore!!

Having the shop , helps me know first hand on whats going on with the fisheries ans many people come through and ,i hear allot of good things.

Like the lovely local customer who came in the other day!

- The first day of the new season he went out to his favorite big riffle and could not locate any fish all day.

-3 days later he went back to the same riffle and there was a large hatch of big Mayflies,He landed over 20 fish in a short space of time on dries. He also gave up pretty early on in the day as his arm was getting a bit sore and it was getting to easy!! 

This goes to show it can all be a timing thing! and as for the sore arm pulling in fish rapidly- well in a way we would all like that! complaint.
AH! is this a fly rod! - said the Guides! :)
All the top guides from around the area arrived at the shop the other day and we converted my living room into a very comfortable meeting place.

- We discussed our new health and safety plans and special concession to be able to guide in certain areas. Its all these things that cost allot of money and time to get and have in place, and its things like this that many clients do not see all these hidden extra costs.

Dean eyeing up the best piece of meat!
- Also on discussion was carrying locator beacons when guiding, which most members do already for the safety of there clients.

At the end ,they left me with no meat -only enough salad to feed 100 rabbits
- Submissions for the overseas anglers license ! - This is something that when i go to another country and pay more than locals i do not mind - as the locals pay taxes and look after the fisheries and i,m only there for a short time. At the moment in NZ overseas anglers pay the same as locals. If they did introduce the over seas license - providing the regions most affected by more anglers , received the extra funds , it would hopefully give Fish and Game more much need tools to help look after the Awesome fishery that we have here in NZ

- There was heaps more progress made with lots of other subjects - (like the new residents guides license , which may put an end to overseas guides guiding in NZ !!

After the meeting the guides descended into the shop and bought up large my flies  and then were out on the casting area playing with the NEW SAGE ONE ROD!. 

12 sausages!!- Only 10 remain!!
Though one of the guides Ian from Wanaka was caught shoplifting again in my shop!! and was duly told to leave the premises  I wished i had of checked his car !- as we all think he had also stolen two sausages from the awesome barbecue all the honest guides helped prepare.One of the Sausages we believe ,may have been for his side kick Twizel Steve!!


I have managed to pick up the odd day and half day guiding and a few casting lesson , which all help keep the shop going for these quite months. Most people i have guided have used me to help them up-skill and understand the NZ southland fishery. Its so rewarding for me when they contact me a few days later to let me know their success rate and the fun they are having with their newly learned skills.

Some of the casting /teaching gear i sell
The few casting lesson i have been conducting has been a mix of locals and tourists, one couple did not even know what a fly was at the start of a casting lesson and to watch them understand what they where trying to achieve  and doing the basic overhead cast was a pleasure to watch within a couple of hours, they said it was one of there NZ high lights- way better than jet boating in Queenstown, they said.


Also just in is the great new wgt forward(long belly) floating hi- viz orange fly line that is great for practicing your casting with or fishing with and they are pretty cheap for a Canadian made top product- yes wow- something not made in China!

Thanks for your support.

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