Wednesday, 28 May 2014

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It has been a wee while since I had a chance to update the blog. So I am sorry about that to anyone who has been waiting for the normal blog updates. I am alive and well and a passionate about my work as ever. Thought I better let you know that my work load with my Facebook, Stu's newsletters and new super cool web site has kept me flat out when in the office after guiding. I really appreciate your interest or business. So sign up to my NEW newsletter for all the free stuff. Like my NEW Facebook page and have a look at my NEW website please. You can upload your fish photos of the big or small ones you have caught on one of my designs as I have a new grip and grin gallery on the new site. As well you can submit reviews of flies which you have caught fish with - to interact with other keen fishermen and women.
My last client of the 2014 season, very happy with this nice brown.

A new creation starts to become alive in the vise.
The coolest, cutest fishing shop in the world!
My adopted chicken from a second hand shop in Livingston, Montana.
The coolest trout sticker you can gets your hands on - so best you get on the new web site and check them out or put in a large order and get a free one or two?