Sunday, 4 December 2011

Movember,Water beetle fly design,Nz brown trout, Orange fly line and Pink fly rod

A still water/back water deadly pattern! The water beetle
As you all know the rivers have been up and down , dirty and clear all season.
But now i can officially confirm that all the waterways that i know are running gin clear, Maybe with a few  in the deeper pools still having that cloudy snow melt color.

When the waters were dirty , i  sent a few folks off to some lakes , who also had some fun using the water beetle pattern. Usually i have a 10ft trout leader and tie on about 2 ft of fluro 5lb tippet. Spot my target and cast well in-front of it as it nears the fly i give it a wee twitch and 9 times out of ten they nail it. You normally do not feel the fish as they can inhale and spit it all so quickly , watch for the white of there mouth or a tell tale trout feeding move and lift the rod.

Clear water- all round for December!!
Movember has just gone past and i,m not sure that all of you know . All over the world people mainly guys grow facial hair(although some women manage well) :). To raise money for prostate cancer and depression. This year the local cafe organized the event Movember Athol.
 About 20 males from around the area , entered the comp as there was a big cabbage to be won for the best Mustache. 
I gave it a crack and on the final day of judging we all lined up and got out facial hair judged by some lady judges.
I did not win the cabbage and it was a nice big one as well on a wooden plaque. But between us all we had a laugh , and managed to rasie over  $8oo nz for a very good cause. So if you can next year do your best to raise some money and have some fun for Movember. :)

Two weeks into Movember and the facial hair growing, This trout could not resist kissing this french man!
Connect the dvd ,that i had held up in customs for some time , has arrived and is now shipping for Xmass.


I woke up this morning, got dressed and went in the kitchen where my wife was already fixing breakfast.

I looked to see what she was cooking, and I see one of my socks in the frying pan."What are you doing?" I asked her.

"I'm doing what you asked me to do last night when you came to bed very drunk," she replied.

Completely puzzled, I walked away thinking to myself........"I don't remember asking her to cook my sock."!!

Thank you for all your awesome support everybody

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