Monday, 21 November 2011

Red Hot Killer nymphs, fly casting lessons, Mataura river dirty,New fly designs coming!

One day late!!
Sorry- flat stick here guys and i may have to start doing this blog once every two weeks! so not to disappoint you and keep you all amused :)
In two days time without any rain it may be clear enough

Mataura river
Yes the might Mataura river has blown out again and nearly every other  river and stream in Southland and other areas due to some big 24hr rains we got at the weekend.
I was lucky to be out guiding two lovely Scottish guys on Sunday and we managed to get 10 fish to eat the flies and landed 5 of them. They also managed to get plenty tangles- but where quick to remind me they are called  Fankles in Scotland- But i,m sure i never got any of them things when i was fishing in Scotland!! :)
From the car window on my morning river check

Interesting though they had fished by themselves the first day of arriving and caught nothing but spotted heaps.
After guiding them  on a southland river i found out the next day in the shop that another group of anglers , that i had guided before on the same river and had success,were just above where we were fishing and had got skunked.
So that goes to show for me and anybody else that guides and has used guides in the past, what the actual guide must do when he is out there assisting other fishermen, which is sometimes well overlooked by some clients, until they go out alone!!
I always say to my clients its not about catching fish with me - its about all of us learning from each other and becoming more efficient at our fishing/guiding and having fun out there doing it! :)

Hot Red Killer Nymphs On Fire
Red Hot Killers the go to fly!

So what flies were the go for my clients recently- Well it was the Hot red Killer nymphs nearly every time ,with a couple of nice browns also falling for the NZ creeper pattern.
Maybe the hot red killers were working ,due to the floods and the amount of earth worms that may have been washed down!! But hey at the end who cares! ,because the fish have been nailing them ,big time. The smaller sizes in the riffles and the larger sizes in the deeper pools and runs, seems to be the norm.

I just also got some more Fishpond gear in and i can  recommend the Dakota rod and reel  case , to you all.
 It is  great to store all your gear in and is well made and sexy to boot!
 If you have more than one rod and reel and are feed up searching for all your gear - this is the awnser- i have been using my one for nearly two years and its magic- Xmas is coming to be quick i at the moment have limited stock!

Customs seem to be stopping every package being brought into NZ and demanding duty and clearance fees, which does not help trying to keep all my prices as low as i can.
Last week they stopped two of my orders which has delayed my Connect dvd orders going out, but any day now they should arrive, so if you wish one of the best new DVDS , order it now.
The fishpond Wasatch Top selling vest/pack in stock


Today i spent most of the day running a fly fishing school for a client, He was a very quick learner so at the end of the day we went out for a fish and we managed to land a nice Mataura brown from the edge of a pool in clear water. Which was awesome for Peter and myself.
Tomorrow we are out all day in pursuit of things with fins and its looking like Mavora lakes sort of direction ,in search of clear water. Best i get some small water boatmen in my box for some lake edge stalking!! and then straight to bed. :)

You all have a great week and thanks again for your orders and comments! Awesome!

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