Sunday, 13 November 2011

Oreti river,Huge Mayfly Dvd, Brown beetles hatch in New Zealand, Stu's Bionic brown Beetle

At the moment the shop is still very quite , but a few more fishermen mainly from Australia are starting to pop in .
Get your brown beetles ready- Check out Stu's Beetles!!
A few guides from other areas have been on tour with  a few fishermen ,who have stopped in for some flies mainly, have been getting a few nice browns in the 4lb range. they mainly are after. Rainbows seem to always be second choice down this way.

The river in the area at the moment because of the rain and hot sunny days have a little color too them mainly from the snow melt and unless the fish are out on the sides feeding spotting them can be difficult. So its best to sometimes using a double nymph rig and indicator to fish all the likely looking water.
The Big fence goes up to stop tourists walking into my house!

I just had a good friend stay with me from overseas who went to the upper Oreti yesterday on all the access points there was cars, he spoke to a few fishermen gearing up ,who were mainly from Australia who said they were also struggling to find a spot to fish. He then went to the very last access and there was 4 cars and no notes on them -or cards in the windows. He decided to fish up stream for a while and then got back to his vehicle and met two other vehicles pulling up with fishermen moaning that it was full of fishermen- Well i said to him it was Sunday and good weather and it was the Oreti  !!!

A bit of raking and grass seed to sow
Its been slightly chaotic at the moment with getting the grounds done , but in a way i,m nearly there, with some huge days well into the dark ,with blistered rake hands. The fences are up gates re-hung and gravel is down though. The grass seed i have also just sown  and now i just hope the birds do not descend and gobble it all up. The good thing though is the weather hot days with the odd rainy day which is good for growing grass.

A strange thing happens in my small town every year for a few weeks a  travel and chain of shops in Australia called !!!!! (had to take the name off- due to ?? ) . Brings groups of people over on fishing trips to a campground in town ,just behind my shop.
They -yes grown men are told not to come into my shop ,because basically i will not sell there not so good own branded products ,due to it all falling a part and me complain about it to the owner, years ago.

So they proceed to drive up beside my shop and in front and i see them at the local cafe and they just turn away,  Being me i am over nice, wave and say hello!
Its hard top believe people can behave like this on holiday and be told to do so.!!!
But the odd time there is one or two of the group sneak away from the owner and come in and have the crack and a wee shop- and as usual they will be back , to NZ on their own! So there are real men out there!! :)

In the Twizel , Wanaka, Queenstown and Southland areas the brown beetles have been gradually hatching at night .
One  clients of mine who catches and cooks the odd fish in the Queenstown area was telling me last week that the two fish he kept for the smoker from some small lakes were full of brown beetles, one he counted over 60 in the stomach.
Years of study goes into my designs!!
So get those beetles on in the evening and early morning - Cast them to sighted fish or tie them on a very short piece of tippet too a visible dry fly and cast it out to the drop off and wait!!
The other night one banged off my window , so i did a wee photo shoot , To show you the triggers that i have but into my fly design of, size silhouette , legs and color all the ingredients and study to create the perfect wee brown beetle.

So best you purchase some from me :), as they are exclusive only to Stu's Fly shop- Support the designer and the passion! and catch more fish !
Thank, you all, for your great comments and feedback.
Have a great week.

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