Sunday, 6 November 2011

New Casting arena at Stu's Fly shop, Musky country the dvd,The rainbow rivers open, Sage Z-axis fly rod


When i was in the states  this year ,I was guided by some lovely passionate guys who chase the Musky!! with flies.(YES-I even hire guides-so much to learn from the best ones)

They have made this Musky fly fishing dvd with a very good film maker and producer ,which i now have in stock.(i,m interested to see what this guy does next!)

So ok its not trout fishing- but hey! some of the best dvds i have watched have not been about trout- plus you can always learn something watching how others fish for different species and if you want to see how the experts fish HUGE streamers ,then look no further. I stayed with these guys and never got to watch the dvd until after i left them and the amazing thing for me was how they talk about the musky and how they,guide and live is exactly the same as in the dvd. These guys are so dedicated. 
It is also one of the best produced films i have seen.
I,m pretty sure after watching the film you will be wanting to visit Musky Country!!
This is a great video to have in your collection -
A great dvd- worth watching

2 days of cold weather 1-2nd of november

The 1st of November- was the first day that all the rivers flowing into the lakes basically opened. Now all the river systems around are open and the choices are now some 30+ river systems for me to guide my clients on . 
Next week i start more so with my guiding, but i do notice with my bookings most of my clients are from New Zealand now days and  have hired me to up-skill, which is very rewarding for me working with clients who want to learn and no doubt i will learn as well!


 Stu's wee NZ tungsten Mayfly nymphs- Grey and also brown

A few of the Southland guides have started to get busy and have been hitting the rainbow rivers, and having some great days 10-18 fish days , They have been having success with my wee NZ tungsten gold bead mayfly nymphs.
I had to open my shop yesterday especially early for one guide ,who  was desperate for some as he had run out and had two clients in his car waiting for him as he bought up nearly all my gold bead nz mayfly nymphs- Funny how some people think you cant catch trout with gold beaded nymphs- at this time of year they seem to take them with aggression. 

I still have 2x z-axis 5 wgts for sale- at special low prices!

Sage- Z-axis in my garden- Funny how everything i seem to do or touch is to do with fishing- even this machine made me laugh when i spotted its name.
As you  can see- My new shops casting pond for you all!!!
 For over 5 yrs  i have been gradually improving the shop and the shop grounds . Some people think i just jump in feet first, but i actually had the visions of what i,m doing some 5 years ago- but like all good things ,it all takes time and money.

Maintenance free , grounds is what i really want, as i do not have the time to be doing gardening and pruning trees- So out with all the trees and off with the grass and down with the Gravel.
At the moment its not the best thing for me as i have a full load of work, but it looks like with the help of  some others i,ll be raking , picking up stones and sowing grass seed on the newly leveled  back section, Which will be great for casting ,when its finished- I was going to put in a casting pond- But that would be more maintenance and i have the Mataura river right on my door step.
So if your passing bring your rake! :)

I just heard that i lovely lower Matarua guide , was rushed to hospital and had a pretty big operation. No doubt ,David you will pull through , you tough bugger! I wish you all the best with your recovery and no doubt see you back in action out on the river ,you love the most- The Lower Matarua - is calling!:)

Thank you all for your feed back and comments on my fly designs - and photos  . Sign up for the news letter!!! asap! i,m doing a t-shirt special with orders this week- watch for your Stu,s special email coming this week!

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