Saturday, 29 September 2012


Hello Happy people :)


Yes - we are open again and rocking my home town of Athol! The shop will be open nearly every day throughout the season that is possible.
Ela is helping all season, so if I'm out guiding or busy you will always find the shop open, which I have struggled a bit with in past years without help.
So we look forward to seeing all you happy people in the shop again this season and no doubt a few miserable folks as well.
It's funny that some people spend all there lives in doom and gloom!
Today was the first day of opening and the few people that came through were guides after Superior flies and local catch and grill wormers after licences. 
The worm fishers will have a ball on the first day of the season as the good old worm is deadly especially if the waters clear and the fish have seen no anglers all winter. Tomorrow in the shop I expect a few people smelling a bit fishy which is much better than BO.


- Check out the New full package airflow and reel combo sets and  full sets for beginners
- Check out the new calenders
- Check out the ipad trout art covers
- Check out the trout art redneck buffs- great for the sun or insects

RIVERS -The Trout

The fish and game rangers came past and gave me all the info on  what's been going on with the spawning of trout and salmon and drift dive counts on some rivers, it's always good to get inside info.
The upper Mataura for the first time in over 30yrs dried up in mid winter which was not to good for fish stocks,  so most upper reaches of southland rivers got hit with a winter drought which made allot of trout head down stream earlier than usual in the main rivers and small holding waterways.


If you are looking for a new magazine to come through the post 4 x a year have a look at the cult fly fishing magazine - The Drake
The complete Fly Fisher -African magazine is a close second choice, full of different content and plenty travel content.
Fly Life - another great magazine - though after looking through the latest edition seem to have been taken over by a bunch of NZ article writers working for a tackle company. Only promoting their products in a smart way which is a smart game plan, I only hope they are not fooling all the readers as they have already done it with the F&G magazine here in NZ. (That's my winters bitch:) -before the season starts).


All the orders are going out the same day and again I thank you all for waiting on the shop opening. You are all awesome.

NEW - Stu's Deadly Hi-Viz NZ Cicada

 -size 8 and 10 in stock- Yes the colour the tussock fly fishermen have been after for many years - chartreuse.
Remember 95% of flies sold in shops and on line are on poor hooks- that's not the case with my flies, they are all only on Tiemco hooks- well proven on big fish! 


Nearly all the internet orders from guides and in the shop for the start of the season have been buying up!
- Stu's NZ Mayfly Bombs
Stu's NZ Realistic mayfly nymphs
- Stu's NZ Killer Nymphs
- Stu's King pogos
- Hi -Viz Black Deadly Cicadas - for sight flys and attractors.


Since getting back a week ago the weather has been awesome, shorts and t-shirts in the afternoons. This weather pattern has helped us get all the grass cut and the shops casting area tidied up.
Which was a good thing as I have been busy doing a few casting lessons. This weeks forecast does not look too good with rain forecast most of the week. This will not stop all the die hard fishers who have taken time out to slay every trout, good luck to you all. To make it more appealing all the rivers are now clear down this way and are at normal flows!


I'm out guiding tomorrow, which is the first day of the season with two new clients, hopefully we can brave the wind, rain and fool a few wild browns.
A few dates for guiding and casting lesson are available before Dec, so contact me asap if you want to hire my services.
It may be very small the shop - but it will surprise most!
Just like my dads wallet - George my dad, in the shop before his 98th Birthday!


Ela has been busy helping me with facebook. Please if you are on Facebook give her all the help you can, with cool fish photos and details of what superior fly you caught it on etc.

Have a great fun season, day, week or year
Stu & Ela - "Driven by sheer passion & living the Dream"

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