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Taken last year by pro-sports photographer Jay Beyer in the USA as I released a large carp. He must have sold it to this magazine for their back cover - good on him, great work.

Another Banana eating trout gets fooled and takes flight.


Being a complete geek, I can't resist a good magazine. One that I found this year in the USA was the Fly Fishing Journal - a quality magazine with some great photography and even better - well written articles. It has a much different approach than other magazines and not at all scared to step over the line. It was so good I just bought a subscription for myself. Only four issues a year and I am waiting on the next one! So if you are a geek like me, I can only recommend getting your paws on this magazine.

One of 6 fish taken on the Banana today.
The NZ Indian Sumer 

Has arrived at last and looks like it will go through to April. Although it has been very warm with no wind, the odd day it has changed and temp has dropped and I have been well wrapped up when out guiding. When this happens, the fishing just drops off very quickly and the guiding becomes a challenge even more so. Though the fishing bounces back the following day when the heat returns and the fish and insects return to the surface.

Two good friends from Germany I was guiding having fun in the  Indian summer we are having.


Is used all over clean green NZ - to kill all mammals. Every land mammal we have has been introduced and need to be controlled. They do it with poison and spend millions each year doing plane and helicopter drops of it in the mountains, forests and valleys.
This year there is a move to drop even more to try  and help stop a huge mouse and rat plague forecast for next year. Even if more 1080 drops are made there will no doubt be trout eating mice and getting very fat next year. So get your mouse flies ready.

Just back after 5 days backcountry campout and road trip with some clients, I managed to  bend a few bits on the Landcruiser when 4x4 driving to a remote river.

Rather than have to fix the bits, I decided that if I go on these rough 4x4 tracks again, all the bits need to come off. So out come the tools and off come the bumper, guards and foot rails. Bring on the backcountry - now it is a real 4x4 work vehicle.

Some advanced tuition for my client from Australia who was a hero at an accident. The next day he and a friend  on the way to fish the Mataura River were first at a crash scene where a tourist van went off a bridge. They rescued most of the people and tried in vain to rescue the trapped driver who was trapped in the van under the water but sadly he died.
They were a little shook up after the experience and had to retreat to the local cafe to calm down but still managed to carry on and do some fishing later in the day. It goes to show it is always good to know your first aid and if your are on country roads do not speed as the police reckon this was the cause of the fateful accident. 
Jim my client casts to a large brown trout high on the surface focused only on eating willow grubs. The fish is just in the shade of the willow, you will see.

The water is so clear  and light tippet is need most of the time to fool wary fish. Paul fights his first Mataura brown.

In January the rain came down most days sometimes very heavy and hard. The NZ Fly Fishing Schools still went ahead, sometimes with clients under the verandah snuggled up under blankets with hot drinks while I did some demonstrating.

You can easily tell who has joined the grub club when you see the wee Banana Fly in their hat

Another very happy member of the Grub club

A not so happy member of the Grub Club :) Normally the larger fish  stay deeper but this one was on grubs high in the surface.

Some new funky caps

Here is something different to watch to amuse you. This guy has some amazing skills.
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NZ brown caught on one of the news range of KILLER bait fish flies. Which come in  some wicked colors all UV and glow in the dark. Check them out here


Basically since November I have been booked out each day with tuition and guiding and it's been all go but so much fun. I still have some dates available in March April and May - so if you are thinking of some guided fly fishing, casting lessons or NZ Fly FishingSchool, just give me a call or send an email and I will do my best to fit you in. 


Is a great time for mayfly hatches in Southland which is something to remember if you like small dry fly fishing.


Is nearly booked out already so if you are thinking of next season get in quick so that you are not disappointed. 

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Thank you all for supporting the wee shop that actually cares about fly fishing and you.
Stu, Ela & Milo.

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