Sunday, 27 October 2013

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After walking up a few rivers when they were clear checking out the rainbow population,  I managed to get this good shot.

It is nearly the 1st of November when all the rivers that flow into lakes open. This is the time when there is plenty of rainbow trout around - providing the rivers run clear after all the rain. Some good fun sport should be had.
A wee size 16 Deadly Bloodworm under a dry fly or an indicator usually gets their attention and mouth open. After doing my usual checks on a few rivers they are looking pretty much as they always do at this time of year and with plenty of pre-spawning rainbow in them.


Yes, in the past few weeks we have had all types of weather thrown at us, but it is only weather I suppose and there is nothing we can do about it. It is kind of good us humans are not controlling it, just like fishing we can't force the fish to open its mouth and be fooled.

Yes, this was taken just after lunch last week.


This was also taken last week

When I can get a chance, I am on the vise working away perfecting some designs.
I just finished one design that originally started in Tasmania (Australia) some 17 years ago. Things like this make myself and my customers realize the time and work that go into my designs.


Nearly every other company just copies every fly design from computers and gets them made and sent out - sometimes with a different name and a new tail. They do not care. I do care about my customers and what they are tying on, the design and the hook.
I want my customers to catch fish, have a durable fly for basically the same price as a poor quality fly on a cheap brand hook sold in most shops through NZ, Australia and the rest of the world. And I want my customers to come back and buy with confidence.
Now that  I have gone wholesale with my designs, you can now ask at your local fishing shop for Superior flies and trust it. At last you as the customer have NOW the choice - never trust what people tell you about flies they are selling, look for the Superior fly brand (black and gold label) and fish with confidence.

This week I received another new materials order for my own personal use. Oh what fun I will be having. 


Here it is the new access boat all kitted out and ready to go. Not only will I be using this myself, it will be available for renting out. Just drop me a email if you wish to rent it for yourself or if you are a guide with your clients. We also have mountain bikes, waders, rods, reels etc. for rental as well.

All kitted out for the new season for my multi-day road trips with my clients

Fly casting lesson in the sun (lucky weather day) - it is such a good feeling helping others perfect their casting and fishing. Check out my NZ Fly Fishing Schools


Please keep the photos and feedback coming it is all very much appreciated.

"I have driven 6 hours from Christchurch on Friday night to fish a Southland stream which runs through my mates farm. Up at 6 am Saturday morning I walked upstream from the road bridge. I spotted 14 fish and cast to at least 8 of them with flat out refusals every time. At 1 o'clock I needed some inspiration (read retail therapy) so packed the gear into the car and headed for Athol and Stu's Fly Shop. 

When I arrived, Ela was surprised to hear I was having difficulty hooking up. But when I told her what flies I was using she explained that it might be too early in the year to be fishing them (they worked for me at the end of last season but its now spring time....Duuuhhh me!). Ela took me through half a dozen different patterns which Stu and the other customers had been reporting success on. I purchased a couple of each and headed back to the river.

Fishing the same river with the same leader same everything... the only difference being the fly on the end... I cast to 7 fish, hooked 4 landed three one of which was on a dry (Stu's grey Parachute Mayfly size 14, others on Stu's grey Deadly Nymph size 14)... A fish on a dry in the second week of October!..Magic!

Actually not magic just some really good help some really good fly patterns and some of the Stu's and Ela's inspiration that I get every time I go into the shop! Thanks again Ela.

I have attached the photo's as promised on Saturday. Sorry about the quality, I was on my own so had noone to take pictures... 

Thanks again Ela I will definitely be spreading the good word.
A very happy Irishman,
Graeme Reid"

Have a great season everybody and keep supporting the little shop with more passion than a man in bed with two Swedish models.
Stu ,Ela & Milo (aka FANG)

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