Saturday, 1 December 2012

The fly fishing advert, Huge NZ Trophy Brown trout, creative photography

Hello guys,

It's been all go at this end and for some reason my work load does not seem to get less, but time has been found to get out twice now for a wee fish. And some huge fish have been caught!

The weather has been great and the fishing hot as you will all know from the Christmas newsletter that has been just sent out today.

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A huge trophy brown trout that I managed to fool - this is why only the best hooks are used on my flies, you just never know when the big one will show up! The fly that caught it


Fly Life is an awesome magazine, that i have supported from day one and have spent thousands of dollars advertising with, (which keeps magazines going)I still have all my copies from vol one!!its hard to believe how long they have been on the go.
 The editor and the rest of the guys have done some amazing work with the magazine and i take my hat off to them for having some humor , steeping out side the square and helping me with the design of this advert and putting it in print.
They all loved it  right from the start.

For over 4 years the vision of getting a special photo for an advert that would hopefully make many people smile would pop into my head.
Many attempts at getting one were made but just never managed to capture it properly.
 Whilst in the USA the other year - chasing my favourite wary fish the common Carp - the perfect location with a great back drop was found.  That day was spent trying to pull that shot off, but failed.
 Realising that the best light for the shot would be in the morning as soon the sun came up in the bay.
 A nice carp had been sighted the previous day maybe he would also be there in the morning.

The excitement was running through my veins, realising that the sky was blue and just maybe today would be the day I may have the chance to capture the moment.
Scuttling along the high banks, stumbling every now and then in the rush to get to the spot.
Shaking with excitement I fumbled away rigging up my 9wgt rod and tied on the new carp gimp fly that I have been working on for  many years. 
He was there and he had a brother or sister long side, they cruised along the white silicon sand hunting down any cray fish that made the terrible mistake of letting their presence known to the suction lips of death.

The next lot of fumbling around was setting up the tripod and the camera, all then while thinking should I try for the fish or set up the camera! Fish - camera - fish - fish - no camera! 

With everything in place, hopefully he would appear again.
Waiting in silence with my heart beating and my hands shaking made me realise why I fly fish.

 As the two carp approached the area, my heart was pounding as I knew these carp were very wary.
A careful cast out with a little plop well in front of them, soon had the GIMP sitting on the bottom hopefully in the correct spot. 
Just like sight fishing for trout or bonefish as soon as they were inches from the gimp I gave it that - come and eat me twitch - instantly the lips of death shot out from my friend and engulfed the Gimp. 

I could see in the clear water had a noticeable red mark on his side he was the same fish I had seen the previous day and my reel screamed as he made a bid for freedom.

Soon he was under control and chilling out in my net unharmed. I was looking round to make sure no other fishermen were around or rangers as they just might not get what was my plan ! As I dropped my shorts  :)
After a few attempts I finally got the shot and my friend was released unharmed, unknowingly about to be a star in his own right.
After a few years of holding onto my work it was decided. It was time to start to release some of my creative photographic work, with plenty more to follow.

The advert created a little bit of a storm as some said it was not PC enough for the magazine that printed it, others said it would harm my business, did I care! Many complemented me with my creative advert with some great emails of support.
 There are far more worse things in the world than some fun, but I could be wrong.
Personally I think that some people in the fly fishing game should loosen up a little and realise that they only live once and should learn to smile.
 Fly fishing and life should be fun - not all life or death?
After all if you use my Unique fish catching fly designs that are on the best Tiemco fly hooks - this could be you!
Thank you all the amazing support, please forward this to any of your friends that may need to smile today.
Stu-" Inspired by Nature and Driven by Passion"

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