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Rise - Fly Fishing Film Festival 2012 - EUROPE , Fly fishing new dvds

On a cold wednesday evening in Hamburg on March, 7th i was on my way to the passage cinema to join the Rise - Fly Fishing Film Festival 2012. This is Gin-Clear Media's 6th annual film festival. As i reached the place there were a few people already waiting in front of the cinema.

I found myself a seat in this small independent cinema which was nearly sold out.

After a short introduction by Morten, the festival started with the first movie called "Breathe".
This is a story about giving up a secure, steady job, a life without complication, and exploring the waters of Montana. For me (who is a "newbie") it was a great start to understand what fly fishing is about. "Breathe" caught me and it´s breathtaking!

The next movie was "A Backyard In Nowhere" - an independent documentary that mixes Western and Gonzo elements with traditional fly fishing. For me, the trailer has a Quentin Tarantino vibe to it :)

Next in line was "Sipping Dry". It highlights the impressive (and difficult) dry-fly fishing on the Missouri River. After watching this trailer, i added Montana on my "travel-wish-list".  

It was time to grab a drink in the break:

Gin-Clear Media's "Hatch" was next. "Hatch" documents the world's most extraordinary insect hatches and the fantastic fly fishing that accompanies them. I learned a lot about insects and saw some beautiful shots of trout feeding it gave me a great understanding of what fish prey on and the slow motion feeding shots of fish were awesome. We all sat in total silence watching this dvd.

The last movie was "Geofish: A Mayan Prophecy" - four guys on their way from Portland Oregon to the bottom of South America, finding out if everything you read about remote areas to fish on the Internet are true. A good one, looking forward to see the whole movie!

After the show, i spoke to RC Cone, the producer of "Breathe" about a man’s fishing adventure that takes him across the state of Montana in search of the next fish, fresh perspective and a more fulfilling life - awesome!

Because i was wearing my favourite orgasmic t-shirt from Stu´s Fly Shop, i was quickly involved in a talk about where to find the best places to fish in New Zealand! I recommended to visit Stu´s homepage: and ask him :) !

Check out for all tour information, videos, photos and more and don´t miss your chance to join the festival!

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