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At last we had rain after two months, which raised the levels of all the rivers , pretty rapidly again. Now they have all receded and are now all flowing at good levels. But yesterday i just heard that the lower Mataura was still dirty, but even maybe today it will be clear.
Another well condition fish caught on a superior nymph from one of the main rivers.
So basically they are all gin clear and fish able, allot of the smaller streams although looking good now, will be a waste of time fishing as they all basically dried up and fish died and others fled down stream to the mid reaches of the flowing main rivers.

At last the links on my blog are working, tanks to some help. :) So you can now click away and go to pastures new and exciting!


Yesterday ! there was 140klm hr winds!! today is forecast some rain, then the summer looks like kicking back in and there are rows of  little sun shine emblems on the weather forecast. For the shop yesterday was a good day at last, with fishermen coming in all day -to complain about the weather and  doing some shopping, so i am afraid to say - sometimes i like crap weather- as it helps the retail side!- plus i was not guiding :) . 

The down fall though was i had a casting lesson in the casting area at the shop, needless to say ,my client was soon learning how to cast into the wind much earlier than most. But it was a struggle with the wind and at one time i nearly called it off- But hey my client - reminded me its only weather!!!

First light from my office window in Athol the sun is trying!

For most of the season, there has not been many people around fishermen and general tourist.Having the shop i get to know this and foot traffic this year is down about 30%. Which may not be good for the shop ,but the fishing has been great with many rivers receiving not much pressure compared to other years. February is always a great month for fishing and a busy one for the guiding side , Basically i,m booked out for guiding and fly fishing schools for Feb ,but have plenty of dates in March and April. I can tell that this means there will be allot of fishermen around  in FEB and nearly all the guides i know are also booked out. This does not mean that the fishing will be no good- it may mean your usual spot has been fished or taken ,but as i we all know the fish will still be there and they have to feed , you may have to increase your knowledge and skill level to get them - but be positive and you will- fish with confidence.
Tom After missing his plane in London!!! it was worth it!
Why is  FEB so busy- At a guess i would have to say the reason is that its normally hot and water levels are getting low and clear and there will be big dry fly stuff on the go.


At the moment , with the water cooling down after the rains, has been washing down and getting the mayflies active. 
The fish have nearly all been nymphing and most of my clients have been nailing trout on the tandem rig of a NZ mayfly bomb and a king pogo nymph with an indicator above. 
For fish just beneath the surface a deadly blow fly with a NZ realistic brown size 18 nymph below seems to work most times.
Reports have also been coming in of small hatches down south, most fish getting caught on the very small size 18 extra hi-viz grey parachute mayfly. I,m watching more and more fishermen buying these smaller sized parachutes nowadays here for success.
The cicadas have been chirping like crazy and are sure to start next week looking at the new found summer coming. They are in full swing in the north island and at the top of the south island, a small glimmer of them in the central area.
A few fish despite the colder temp of the water have been willow grubbing, but most of them switched back to nymphs after the rain. They should as the water clears and warms up next week start to look sky wards for the tasty little morsels.
Just before the rains i had one client get 17 hook ups on my little floating willow grub , i,m pretty sure where we were fishing the fish had not seen an imitation and did not hesitate in eating them provided they were presented right. Yet 3 days later on another river we had two fish grubbing and had no success.
 The-it was worth it- face! Go the king pogo!
Tam , one of the funniest,  passionate  fly guys i guide returned for some guiding and hook some nice trout and lost many more., that is after he fell over twice just getting to the river on the first day and lost his rental car key, but after the big panic and worry of the lost key -we found it!!! YES it was in the boot lock all along- boy did we laugh- the joys of being human!


If you are in Euro ,NZ or Australia, i advise you to get your tickets soon for the ever in demand seats at Nick Reygaret  awesome fly fishing film festival.
He has for the last 9 yrs (wow) been working like a crazy man , making fly fishing films(check out the trailer for his new Hatch dvd on the rise  link) and setting up  in Europe his Rise fly fishing festival and its just getting bigger and bigger- for example this year Poland has been added with 3 shows scheduled to play, 6  shows in Germany etc.
There are many others popping up in the world - but only the one big American tour and  Rise  ,have the best films, so not to be disappointed in your night out watching the best new fish porn available, make sure you go to the shows run the main guys  and support them after all the years and hard work they have put into giving you that yearly event to look forward too and meet heaps of other like minded people.

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Hi Stu,
 It was me that popped by, so great to meet you in person. Loved the shop! Best I have come across and a far cry from the usual boring monotonous shite!
Joe- Australia

Hi Stu.

The flies arrived yesterday.

The look great and I'm extremely pleased with them. Just gotta put them in front of a few fish and all will be sweet.

Thanks for the great service


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Due to my work its looking like this blog will have to be every two weeks for this month, but i will try and do it weekly.

Thank you all for your great support and very kind comments , please keep it all coming. Watch out for the new designs

Happy fishing.


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